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A Story i am writing (The Actual Story)

on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:02 pm

"Im going off to join the Vekla, Mark you cant stop me" Jack said as he packed his bags, the room was dimly lit, light was coming throughthe spaces inbetween the blinds and from the blue glow of an old computer.
Jack thought of how much he was hurting everyone he cared about, but quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of his head

"Jack, you know as well as i the Vekla are evil, they are a tyranical force, they are plotting to take over the world, through the world into kaos" Mark said as he grabbed Jack by the arm pulling him back into the room

"No...not again, i wont let you stop me again" Jack said as he pushed Mark onto the ground and walked out of the room, he walked down the steps of his destroyed house, wallpaper falling off of the walls, furnature on the ground, he walked out the front door to see a black van parked in the driveway, it looke like new, all of the windows were tinted, the wheels looked like new, the rims were sparkling in the sun, the engine was running,the van was a sight to see as everything on the street was torn and destroyed, a man in a black suit with very dark sunglasses stepped out of the van, he told jack to get in the van, he did, the van pulled off, and drove down the street, Mark watched untill the van was out of sight.

Mark Thought to himself What about Ferra, what is she suppost to do now jack, what is she suppost to do now

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Re: A Story i am writing (The Actual Story)

on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:12 pm
Chapter 1 Lies and Decete

Its been 5 years since Jack went off to join the Vekla, he has pushed Mark and Ferra into depression


"OPEN UP" yelled a voice at the front door

"OPEN UP I SAID" yelled the voice again

Mark heard the voice, he peeked out the blinds of his room, "Oh no" he said to himself, he grabbed a pistol from under his bed and raced to Ferra's room

"Ferra, we have to get out of here, Ferra, wake up" said Mark as he was shaking Ferra

"Whats going on" Ferra asked Mark

"Its the Vekla, they are here, there are 5 of them at the front door, we need to get out of here now" said Mark

Mark and Ferra raced down the stairs unto the garage, there was an old truck in the garage, its tires were flat, its paint was chipping and the windshield was covered in dust

"Mark, that truck hasent been used in ages, it wont work" said Ferra

"Yes it will, i know it" Mark said as he locked the door that connected the garage to the house, then he started looking for a key

The 5 men broke the door down, they were in the front room of the house "Search for them, i dont want them to escape again" said one of the men

"Mark, they key is in the cabnet" said Ferra as she got into the truck

"Ah, here it is" Mark said as he got in the truck, he put the key in the ignition and turned the truck on

"Mark, dont do what i think you are going to do" said Ferra

"Here, cover us as we leave this place" said Mark as he gave Ferra the pistol

the truck started, there was a loud noise, black smoke poured out of the tail pipe, then the truck started to move forward, it pushed through the garage door at a very fast speed, the truck clipped a van in front of there house as it pulled out of the driveway, the Truck drove down the street and went out of sight.

"YOU FOOLS" screemd the man leading the team into the house

"Why did you let them get away, that is reason for me to kill you here on the spot" said the man


"Jack, the facility should be made right next to the school, no one would suspect any project there" said a scientist and i very clean lab coat

the room was dark, there were test tubes, computers, the room has an erie blue glow to it, almost teal.

"No, i will not endanger the population, Project Pegasis is a very dangerouse project and if it escapes...." Jack Paused

"I am going to see to it that the facility is built there, and if you dont like it, leave the Vekla" said the man


"Mark, were are we going" Ferra said

"We are going to the resistance, its been far to long, the Vekla are going to discover who we are, and are going to kill us, they already have Jack, even by choice, but they still have him, i cant let the same happen to us" Mark said as the truck pulled into a cave

a man walked up to the truck "Who are you" the man said with a deep commanding voice, he was pointing a Laser Rifle right at Ferra's Head, another man was pointing a pistol at Marks head

"We are fleeing the Vekla, we are Mark and Ferra, your leader knows us, he knows who we are" mark said

"Step out of the car" said the man, they stepped out of the car and they were taken to the resistance's leader, they were taken to a very dark room in the cave, there was water dripping from the celing, the only light came from a candel burning on a desk. there was a man sitting in a chair, the chair was facing the wall

"Leave us" a man said
"Yes sir" said one of the guards, they left the room, the chair turned around to reveal a tall man, he looked very muscular and had a commanding look in his eyes.

"Mark, Ferra, ready to join the resistance I see" said the man as he sipped his coffie from a worn metal coffie mug, it has multiple dents in it.
"Han, we are fleeing the Vekla, we need refuge, i know you are not open to every person that walks off of the street, but we need help" said Mark

"Why are you really here" said Han
there was a long pause
"Its Jack, they have him" Ferra said
"How did they take him" Han said now with a concerned look on his face
"He left by choice, he is with them now, we need to get him back" Mark was saying

just then the room shook, a red glow appeared in the room, a small computer screen lit up, there was a man on it "Sir, Vekla agents are attacking us, there are to many" said the man

"Get everyone to the ships, we are getting out of here" said han
Han, Ferra, and Mark raced to the cavern that was connected to the sea, they got on a small destroyer, no dout stolen from the Vekla, the ship started to move, the lights in the cavern went out, then red emergency lights came on, the cave was collapsing, then Vekla agenst came into the cavern and laser beams started going everywere, one of the ships was sunk from a small rocket one of the agents launched. Ferra, Mark, and Han's ship got out, along with one ather small transport ship, the ship got to the sea

(Will finish later)

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