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Veil of the Forgotten  Empty Veil of the Forgotten

Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:07 am
Veil of the Forgotten is a story I'm not even going to plan out in detail. I've Role-Played alot since I was last here and I'm a little more experienced with writing or at least more than I was before. I have, however, made a small basis for the story as every story needs one no matter how hard you make it up as you go. Basically there has been a blackout on a ship. This ship is stranded in the voids of space. There is one man aboard and he was on his way to a small colony due to them needing medical assistance. He is around the age of 28 at the start of the story, his young age is due to him being a young doctor who was only being sent due to the lack of staff they had. He was accompanied by a few sick patients they found along the way as well as two nurses, all of which were killed when the ship was attacked and even when escaping the ship had a blackout. This caused life support too fail killing most of that crew and the patients, having more time to think and more oxygen than before the man was able to fix the life support. It's not fully repaired and does have failings every now and then and him being an engineer, it wasn't the best patch job ever.

The man is named. Adrian Uthrad. He is 28 years of age and has strives too become a Top Doctor from his home world who are based mainly of Warriors and have a very Combativeness nature. His species have an average look that varies between parts of their home world. His species usually have:

Hair: Black, Dark colors, Lighter Shades of color (depending on the area. Northerners have The lighter shades of color while the rest of the planetary species have a more darker feature too their hair.)

Eyes: Green, Orange, Amber, Brown, Black (This is a completely planetary feature and each part of the world may have either or of the eye colors.)

These are the only two visual features, the Verbal features consist of their accents which may vary depending on the area they live in.

Adrian's Hair is a Mid-long in length and is mostly black. His hair does have hints of a brownish ginger which is a result of his father and mother being from different parts of the world. His home world itself is riddles with disease and sickness and as a result they have developed amazing medical care and treatments for alot of illness, this being good and all came with a bad effect, as viruses do, they adapted and mutated too fight back with the advanced medicine. And so their planet has been quarantined and sectioned off. There are alot of those who don't get ill and they usually become warriors but there are those who prefer the medical side of things. As another result they decided that those who weren't sick could help completely eliminate disease on other colonies. The only problem was that some of the colonies are extremely reached into the "Tundra" of space and are very hard to reach, these colonies have a mass of sickness due to their lack of treatment. Colony Jumpers, which are the ships like Adrian's which travel to these colonies, usually have a Sonic Drive which propels it at light speeds (Slower than warp and Hyperdrive) This means they can still get there but it takes several weeks and sometimes several months. These ships are almost perfect targets for bandits for they usually carry some good weaponry as well as the obvious cargo which is medical supplies. So this ship got attacked and caused major damage. This is all I can be bothered to write tonight and will continue after school if I have time tomorrow.
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