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Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:55 am
captain-sheridan wrote:ive noticed sum of u r making new games well if u need idias 4 campaigns i could help, im writing sci-fi novels and im good at making story lines so if any 1 wants me 2 help let me no

Gamerang wrote:well we pretty much have all the help we can get on the 1st DH game but for the second... your help would be welcomed and thanks for the campaign idea we will use it in DH2 so please keep posting your ideas!

Mr.Borg wrote:Hey Captain do I know you from any other forum?

Anyways nice to know you're helping!

Gamerang wrote:I will add you captain-sheridan to the DH usergroup for the DH2 game.

captain-sheridan wrote:mr borg im on a flash trek forum but no others

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