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Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation) Empty Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation)

Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:17 am
Gamerang wrote:Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation) Sae10

a lil animation I made with pivot.

captain-sheridan wrote:oh god no!

captain-sheridan wrote:AGGHHHH ITS PIVOTNESS BLINDS ME!!!

Gamerang wrote:lol what the hell are you on about??

captain-sheridan wrote:its so pivoty it hurts!!!

Gamerang wrote:ahh i see that guy stamped on your toe too Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation) Lol

captain-sheridan wrote:GRRR! i want 2 rip his sticky legs off!

Gamerang wrote:what about this do you like?
Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation) My_pho10

captain-sheridan wrote:reminds me of a klingon kicking a human

Gamerang wrote:it reminds me of an unlucky winner

Gamerang wrote:sos for double post... a klingon cant kick he is too heavy!

captain-sheridan wrote:well with all that battle armour he must b heavy (and he smells)

Gamerang wrote:yep he smells of targ and blood wine!!

captain-sheridan wrote:not 2 mention G'agh

Gamerang wrote:and ractojino. no wonder they stay up all night they must keep braking there beds.

captain-sheridan wrote:yea but i like their batleths

Gamerang wrote:woaw woaw woaw hang on this is all off topic

captain-sheridan wrote:oh well its klingons so they own all

Gamerang wrote:apart from the Cardies. They own themselves.

captain-sheridan wrote:they look familiar almost like all the times worf got angry

Gamerang wrote:lol. some of them ae star wars... the ones with extensions to there arms.

I should do one with worf and quark! Very Happy

Stamp on hi toe (pivot animation) I_logo12
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