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Broken Mirror I (with a twist) Empty Broken Mirror I (with a twist)

Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:13 am
Quantum wrote:[url] game 263 FlashTrek%3A-Broken-Mirror.html?img?>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"> src=""> >[url= href=]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"> size="3" > FlashTrek: Broken Mirror - Hacked[/url]
Start with lots of resources, modified cheats, and different starting ships......
[url= href=][/url]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">[/url]
If this works then this is broken mirror 1 with a few twists which you will find out when you play it![/url]

If this isn't working then here is the link...

Darkshadow wrote:you have to have the url thats uri

Mr.Borg wrote:yes I've seen that.. Borg Cubes, Uber Ships for Start....kinda takes the fun out of it though...

Gamerang wrote:but if you like complete the game then I suppose it's the only thing left to do.

Mr.Borg wrote:Well I suppose you could design sequals...

Gamerang wrote:I meen like if you play bm1 to 4 completd all. You could also use it for beginers though there is a plug in for that.

captain-sheridan wrote:ive seen all sorts of different bm versions

Gamerang wrote:name some for us...

Darkshadow wrote:hes right there are loads i can name but a few like flashgate, unverses collide, bm3, bm4, delta expanse and funny trek

Gamerang wrote:FlashWars, FlashGate, FlashTrek. That sums it up.

There is also Javatrek on some bm4 forum.

Darkshadow wrote:hey i got flashgate already Evil or Very Mad

Gamerang wrote:lol sorry... just summin em all up!

Darkshadow wrote:ok lol anyway its not that many

Gamerang wrote:There could be a FlashBab (babylon 5) if cap-sheridan decides to make it.

Quantum wrote:he wn't coz I will!

captain-sheridan wrote:i dont care who makes it alsong as it dont look 2 much like bm1!

Gamerang wrote:well i am not experienced in flash design at all. Once the (dare I say it again...) DH series is complete I will se what I can do but it may be based on the bm1 engine.

captain-sheridan wrote:oh yea basing it on bm1 is ok but if it looks 2 much like it then its a waste of time. I want a game like star trek online but free (like that will happen)

Gamerang wrote:this game should only look like bm1 with the map and sprites. It is basically almost completly different. It has a new manu, race select, earth empire sprites from ST online, Reman ships, new races, new planets, new empires, easter eggs and maybe even new cheats but that will probably be in DH2

captain-sheridan wrote:sounds awesome!

Gamerang wrote:bm5 should be even more different and flashtrek odessey is a different game engine so...

Evil Person wrote:Flash Trek Odessey, one of the only games of its kind for startrek....

But yah i am having trouble with the Bm 1 Engine, to many glitches, the menu scrambles and all this junk, i am thinking of scrapping the alpha i have started and just taking the already made menu's that came with the alpha and making them green Very Happy but i probibly wont do that.

Gamerang wrote:i suppose you are talkn about the DH game... well it would be good for the alpha to be ready. Dosent matter when, it can be now or in a couple of weeks or months but as long as we get some kinda beta or alpha out so the peoples opinion can be heard it's fine.

captain-sheridan wrote:whats flash trek odessey?

Evil Person wrote:................................................Are you kidding me? OK, well just go to Vex's site and poke around for a little, you will find out eventually, or someone else (not me, i get tired of explaining things) can tell you.

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