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Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:10 am
Gamerang wrote:I found this on google... Sovereign Class Sovere10

Mr.Borg wrote:Cool!

Gamerang wrote:yeah... but i have no idea what the torpedo thing is lol

Mr.Borg wrote:That;s the Scimitar firing its disrupters.

Evil Person wrote:Getting Ready to warp out
Sovereign Class Federation_USS_Sovereign

under attack by Schimmer

Sovereign Class Sovereign_class_engineering_hull_torpedo_launcher

under costruction

Sovereign Class Sovereign_class_drydock-600x256

(Yes i have to have the last post, and yes i have to get better pictures, lol jk)

Mr.Borg wrote:Cool!

Gamerang wrote:where do you find em in suck good quality?

Gamerang wrote:Sovereign Class Uss_en12Sovereign Class Uss_en11Sovereign Class Uss_en10

Evil Person wrote:I found mine on google......but i have a google account so i dont knopw if that changes results

Quantum wrote:I like these images! I doubt you would have your google acount give you better images

Gamerang wrote:these images I got of Memo Alpha.

Quantum wrote:I get mine of Memo Delta

Gamerang wrote:Memo Alpha is bigger... then Beta then Gamma then Delta

Quantum wrote:i still like delta

Gamerang wrote:well thats your choice...
Sovereign Class Sovereign03Sovereign Class Sovereign08
Sovereign Class Sovereign02Sovereign Class Sovereign01Sovereign Class Sovereign06
Sovereign Class Sovereign04Sovereign Class Sovereign05

Mr.Borg wrote:Cool that's a good soversign sprite!Sovereign Class Sovereign01

Gamerang wrote:yep but we are using the ST online Sovereign sprite for DH. I know someone on the broken Mirror forum who would like it... are you thinking the same person?

Darkshadow wrote:lol on verge of banning him

Gamerang wrote:me? lol

Darkshadow wrote:no not you *facepalm* soveriegn

Gamerang wrote:ahh the new guy. I actually think he is too young to even know what spam and necroing is. Or he just a guy who is looking for a ban.

Darkshadow wrote:i think hes a troll so yeh hes a guy looking for an ban

Gamerang wrote:or he is just stupid.

Darkshadow wrote:possibly

Evil Person wrote:No i think it is just a young person that is like 8 or 9

Darkshadow wrote:really im not so sure although yeh iit could be ive seen his type before

Gamerang wrote:ask him is age. Then if he to young tell him to... grow up!

Sovereign Class I_logo12
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