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i have sum pics Empty i have sum pics

Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:06 am
captain-sheridan wrote:[img][/img]here is a babylon5 omega class that i drew in photo shop

captain-sheridan wrote:how do i upload um?

Gamerang wrote:you have to put in the image url

Evil Person wrote:Put the link in the url, hold on


Now this is without the code box

i have sum pics Forum

Mr.Borg wrote:i have sum pics  URL

Gamerang wrote:ooo nice a red cross! sleek i have sum pics Icon_biggrin

captain-sheridan wrote:i have sum pics B5tech

hmmm this should b a babylon5 omega class

captain-sheridan wrote:this is a fail
i have sum pics 350px-B5Churchill

Gamerang wrote:lol how into babylon are you?

captain-sheridan wrote:very, yea very, yep VERY...but strek is awesome 2

Gamerang wrote:i never got tha chance to watch babylon

captain-sheridan wrote:well if u do you should watch it. Humans dont have warp in it they have jump gates that open tunnels in hyper space

Gamerang wrote:so is it like Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy just alot more serious?

captain-sheridan wrote:sort of only all the races dont trust eachother and humans are a bit sinester oh and humanity gets sent back to the dark ages 4 2000 years! fail Sad

Gamerang wrote:lol. thats there fault i have sum pics Icon_farao

i have sum pics I_logo12
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