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sprite design Empty sprite design

Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:01 am
Gamerang wrote:post any sprite designs here. I have a few I made.

Unkown ship 1
sprite design Unkown10
Teposian Ship
sprite design Teposi10
Reman/Romulan ship
sprite design Reman_10
Federation ship 1
sprite design Federa11
federation ship 2
sprite design Federa10

Dominion ship
sprite design Domini10
Borg Cube
sprite design Borg_s10

captain-sheridan wrote:i had a few reman idias but i only did them 4 5mins

[img]sprite design Reman_12 [/img]
and then this federation ship:
sprite design Fleet_10

Evil Person wrote:see the remans already have a thaleron ship, so.....also i like the one federation ship (Journey class), and i like the borg cube.

captain-sheridan wrote:well i got bored so i just drew

sprite design I_logo12
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