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Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:00 am
Gamerang wrote:

Darkshadow wrote:there not even playing the layesy version of bm3

Gamerang wrote:I think there is a better version hang on...

Darkshadow wrote:i know ive played it and theres a better preview video

Gamerang wrote:

This is the better version

Darkshadow wrote:that's the official one

Gamerang wrote:I was going to make one for bm4 but that game is just bm1 with a few ajustments.

I might make one about bm5 or DH.

Darkshadow wrote:im sure skembri would be pleased with that

Quantum wrote:what about Delta Expanse?

Darkshadow wrote:might make a preview For it not sure

Mr.Borg wrote:Yea sure....we can put the beta on...

Darkshadow wrote:what? do you mean make it with the beta ?

Mr.Borg wrote:the latest version.

Darkshadow wrote:ok kl

Mr.Borg wrote:*ahem*

What did you say about posting stuff with less than five words?

Darkshadow wrote:nothing on this site

Mr.Borg wrote:Well, fine.

Darkshadow wrote:*does gay z click *
win any way yeh ill try and make a promo or you can do it i dont mind

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