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People you should watch Empty People you should watch

Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:57 am

Mr.Borg wrote:Yea there's also one called "STar Trek Voyager Niles Style" or somehting. I'll post a link.

Gamerang wrote:there is also whos made a few ST znd FT things

Quantum wrote:thats your acount lol

Gamerang wrote:it's good to promote yourself Very Happy

Mr.Borg wrote:hehee......I'll subscuribe to you!

Gamerang wrote:thanks! although I don't really make videos any more.

Mr.Borg wrote:Yea never know..

Darkshadow wrote:i doubt flashtrek will ever get popular on youtube

Mr.Borg wrote:Yea he's positng episodes from a series, not much flash trek.

Darkshadow wrote:meh well unless your really funny do something stupid or an idiot your gonna get nowhere on youtube

Quantum wrote:I just did it to see how many people would watch... It is surprising how many views you can get off a fake video like Flashtrek Broken Mirror 2 Secrets which was just a lowd a planets I added on the Game editor and they all belived it! People you should watch Icon_biggrin

Gamerang wrote:actually I posted that... you just had the idea...

Darkshadow wrote:omg dont do that do you know how long i spend telling people thhat half those places dont actually exist

Gamerang wrote:well I doubt any of them were actually buying it...

Darkshadow wrote:trust me they were

Darkshadow wrote:huh thats not cool

Gamerang wrote:wierd...

Darkshadow wrote:didnt people die in that

Gamerang wrote:idk maybe...

Gamerang wrote:skip to 2:07 it looks like a nuclear worm man.

Darkshadow wrote:nuclear worm ? also yeh people did die

Gamerang wrote:"obviously a malfunction"... you don't say

Darkshadow wrote:yeh it was a malfunction

Gamerang wrote:where were those guys going?

People you should watch I_logo12
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