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Tron Legacy Empty Tron Legacy

Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:53 am
Darkshadow wrote:i personally really looking forwrd to this movie how about you ?

Gamerang wrote:it says embedding "disabled by request"

Darkshadow wrote:yeh you have to follow the watch on youtube thing unfortunately

Mr.Borg wrote:huh? Don't get it..

Darkshadow wrote:dint get what its a movie thats coming out this year whats not to get

Gamerang wrote:looks pretty good.

Darkshadow wrote:yeh it looks really cool

Gamerang wrote:I ofcourse been me have no iddea what it is about but...

Darkshadow wrote:yeh i only have a slight idea

Gamerang wrote:something to do with a tron or a legacy or something?

captain-sheridan wrote:lol no its called that because it just sounds cool! duh

Gamerang wrote:well idk... I doubt they did that because it sounds cool.

captain-sheridan wrote:(some1 dont know sarcasm)

Darkshadow wrote:well tron was an old scifi series or movie im not sure but i think its set inside a game i dunno ill have to wiki it

captain-sheridan wrote:sounds very strange

Gamerang wrote:i only know sarcasm when they say to me face-to-face. Very Happy

anyway I will look on the interwebs about tron. I never heard of it but I'm sure it will be good.

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