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Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:46 am
Evil Person wrote:"Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal councel area ammedietly"

"Your Tribe has spoken"

Survivor is a great show, there is an episode on tomarrow night at 8:00 P.M. on channel 6 (well in my area is it Channel 6)

This show basically puts 20 Castaways (i think) on an island in 2 tribes, each episode is 3 days long, there are like 33 days in the show, there have been like 20 seasons, but anyway there are 2 competitions every 3 days, then the tribe that looses the second competition goes to tribal councel, that tribe votes someone off, but later in the game the 2 tribes merge, becomeing one tribe, then they go to tribal councel every 3 days, the person that wins the second competition gets to be amune to being voted out.

Anyone know what i am talkign about

Gamerang wrote:I've heard of something like it and maybe be even this but I have never watched it. Sounds a bit like Ima Celeb Get me outa here but without the Scorpians, Spiders, Insects, Mud, Poo and the Tribes Survivor Icon_biggrin

Darkshadow wrote:i think weve got a show like that but its called shipwrecked

Gamerang wrote:I think there was a series on Virgin 1 called Point of Fear. It was like this

Darkshadow wrote:never heard of that but prob cos i only watch star trek or chuck on virgin 1

Gamerang wrote:I hardly ever watch it now coz I got tha full set of ST series (VOY, ENT, TNG, TOS and DS9) set, that was before I had even heard of DS9 but I have seen em all now.

captain-sheridan wrote:i dont care if ive seen um all b4 i watch um anyway i LOVE star trek

Gamerang wrote:*please do not take m last post as boasting I was merely saying I had the set and why I don't watch V1 anymore*

Mr.Borg wrote:
Gamerang wrote:*please do not take m last post as boasting I was merely saying I had the set and why I don't watch V1 anymore*

No it's fine. We didn't take it that way, Thanks though. Just to let you know, you've been following the rules really nicely! Thanks for your efforts too!

Gamerang wrote:to quote that Dart playing Vulcan out of DS9

"I don't make the rules, I merely follow them" Survivor Icon_biggrin

captain-sheridan wrote:yea but u aint vulcan! i wonder what a vulcan birthday party would b like

Gamerang wrote:i am only quoting... like I said... "i do not make th rules I merely..." ok enough with that now...

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