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Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:42 am
captain-sheridan wrote:look on the chanel FX on april 12th coz they r showing b5 films if u want 2 look at 1

Gamerang wrote:ooo I will watch em all I think lol. I was gonna watch them when they were last shown but I missed em.

Mr.Borg wrote:bm5 films?? ARe you sure?

Gamerang wrote:lol he meens babylon not bm5.

captain-sheridan wrote:hahahaha actualy a broken mirror film sounds cool! oh and in bm is it the same univerce from star trek with the alliance? or is it another

Gamerang wrote:it is the universe with the alliance just like 200 years earlier.

captain-sheridan wrote:oh i c! so will the alliance be included in any of ur games?

Mr.Borg wrote:Oh babylon. Ok then. What' sit about anyway?

Gamerang wrote:that would be good but I think if we has the alliance there would be very few races.


That would be it because most of the races we know (klingons, romulans, ect) would be in the Alliance. The game would be incredibally small and not really worth playing.

Evil Person wrote:Actually my Dominion wars game had some alliance levels worked into it.

Gamerang wrote:where can i find your dominion wars game. i was looking for it but i couldnt find it.

captain-sheridan wrote:is that flash trek v.20? in that u need prestige to buy ships and it sucks! the planet names r stupid and the game drags on forever

Gamerang wrote:basically the way to win that is

1. Get 5000 prestige and buy a pereguin class.
2. Start uniting systems
3. when all systems are united buy a Sovereign
4. Destroy fleet at blender

Very Happy

captain-sheridan wrote:then it gets boreing lol

Gamerang wrote:it's not actually that bad... I thought the Defiant was pretty cool when fighter jem'hadar fighters. I detroyed a Galor Class with one it's not hard just dodge it's torps.

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