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Star Trek: Death Point Empty Star Trek: Death Point

Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:38 am
Mr.Borg wrote:I was thinking about a new series:

Species 8472 are taking revenge on the Earth Empire. After once again crippling the Borg the Borg are under 8472's control.

They launch an invasion against Earth.

More to come...

Gamerang wrote:Star Trek: Death Point

Quantum wrote:i like it

Gamerang wrote:It was gonna be for the R0R game but I changed it.

Mr.Borg wrote:cool fixed title

Gamerang wrote:So this is gonna be the 4th DH game yeah?

Darkshadow wrote:wow your really getting ahead of your selves with this

Gamerang wrote:I know but the first will be done at the most in about half a year.
(I am either thinking more than it is or less than it is)


Gamerang wrote:only because... idk. I am a maniac!

captain-sheridan wrote:face it we are all maniacs! if u wasnt a maniac would u be making a game based on star trek in a mirror universe? (not that its a bad thing)

Gamerang wrote:what maniac'ish about making a ST game based in a mirror universe?

captain-sheridan wrote:because star trek allready has allsorts of mirror universes in 1 tng episade thousands of alternate enterprises appeared after sum temperal rift opened

Gamerang wrote:that meens and endless posibility for games!!

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