Black Hour Studios

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Black Hour Studios

Post by Genix Warrior on Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:42 am

Well. I am going to be over the course of the next few years, be setting up a business. This business shall be called Black Hour Studios. This is because we will be doing.

Game Reviews

Game Let's Plays

Game Features (MMO's and RPG's Only)


Flash Games (Maybe once I have enough people behind me who know the skills and when I get a decent grasp of programming and such after doing my ICT GCSE course in school.)

Making a console/PC Game (After I eventually Hire some people who know the stuff.)

What do you think? We'll be based more on YouTube with out videos for advertisement and such as not many people respond to a Website as much but I shall still be making a website later on in the years. This is a long term plan being made out early. I have alot of work too do. I'll have a job while setting this up. Funds of whatever I have left over from bills and food and such from my normal living will be going towards this. That includes things like Animation Programs and Screen recording technology for consoles and PC's as well as actually getting custom rigged PC's. So you can tell it's going to take a LONG time.
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