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Flash Trek: Impact

on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:51 am
Hi all,

My names, Rick Colemen. Now my idea of a great (my opinion) FTBM (Flash Trek Broken Mirror) game is, where an unknown race (more advanced than the Alpha Quadrant) enters a Solar System just outside the Alpha Quadrant. They fire a beam onto the ship which distorts the gravity/magnetic field of the Sun and all the planets/moons orbiting it. All the planets and moons then are some how changed into comets (I don't know the scientific method of how a comet is made, so please understand). The planets and moons are then flung across the galaxy Impacting with many planets. The planets hit are: Bajora, Iconia, New Romulus (Romulans and Remans new capital ( I'll explain more about that later)), Blender and Earth...

This impacts many governments and starts many wars. After the New Romulus impact, they decide to leave the Alpha quadrant, they build a temporary wormhole and take there entire government with them. The Cardassians then invade Bajora and enslave all inhabitants, no matter the race. Iconia was (if you know the FTBM series) uninhabited, and no one claimed ownership towards it. However, there were a series of unknown vessels operating in the system. The Federation were, foolishly at this time celebrating the No Wars day. Where it is celebrated when there are not a single war being fought on this date. So all ship crewmen were celebrating and no one (or at least anyone who did could not doing anything) saw the 'planet comet'. The Federation totally collapsed due to it. Every race on the Earth was killed. No one survived. (Don't worry, you can still play as Human, because if you read it, you'd realise it says, some ships were still orbiting Earth).

Now, when the Ferengi were having a lack of customers from the Federation, they sent in a scout to explore Earth, only to find it destroyed. At the exact time, the Klingons sent in a fleet or N'egvh Battleships to invade. Yet to only see the Earth destroyed. Both empires decided to take ownership of the system. Klingons took the Outer planets/moons and some of the Asteroid fields. Ferengi took the Inner planets (this is of the solar system Earth is in, if your not too smart to know this) This started the Ferengi-Klingon war.

Now, many, many, many, decades before this accorded, several wormholes opened at the sites of all the planets hit (Blender, Iconia, Earth, Bajor and New Romulus). All the major governments took interest in these. Suddenly, a strange new vessel came through the Earth wormhole. This vessel was shaped like a sphere, had a coat of red. Just like a Red Nose (it's a comedy race which I created back in year 6). There was only 1, and the Humans, being Humans, tried to make 'first contact'. The vessel did not respond. The Red Nose vessel, then fired a strange beam onto the Moon. All inhabitants were converted into a floating Red Nose (funny huh!). The Federation were forced to destroy it and all red nose on the moon were killed. The Federation then started to salvage the vessel and sold some of the parts away. The Klingons bided for the Weapons, Romulans bided for the shielding and the Cardassians bided for the hull plating, Federation got the engines.

All superpower races got a great boost to intergalactic exploration/combat. The Klingons quickly took over Flash, the Federation condemned it but did nothing to stop it. The Federation decided to go through the wormhole with there new engines. They sent 6 Sovereigns through. Only to realise they were on the other side of the Universe. They managed to colonise a system on that side of the Universe (the new spawn point for the Federation). They were then able to make contact with several new races. Including the Red Nose (who swear revenge on the Federation for the destruction of a ship), Iritriums (yes I am aware of a planet in BM2 called that) who were at war with the Red Nose, so allied the Federation. They also made contact with a mysterious race known only as the Iconians. The only race to have an alliance with the Red Nose, and the ability to make wormholes to ANYWHERE in the Universe (that's why there's that planet called Iconia, hint, hint).

Now, I posted this here, because (A) I find it a GREAT (my opinion) as a FTBM game, and (B) I don't know how to create a flash game or use Game Maker 8. So if anyone finds this idea good, please help make this.

Thank you for reading
- Signed RickCall12 -

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