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Walternate Chapter 1

on Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:56 am
Over the our galaxy are another species to hail us?.In 2012.Walter go at table and write the homework,because those childs can't make it.Walter:Ok.So a nuclear engine are 119500 kmh because {*547879689900x99967089****}to 1238m-5***=1000*x33,(999990*)=119500.That's all!Teacher:......Good...Very..I think u need to be in 12th grade...u are more than a 9th grade grade 'A+'.Walter:cool!.11 pm he go at his house and he see a light in the forest.What's is this?maybye an alien?and the sounds like a phaser.He is turned into the ship and he ran 9 kilometers.Where i am?an i think in a alien ship.Over his back are an alien.And he see the alien.Walter:What the...?!And he ran aboard the ship and he see the console of the ship(the board) :!:And he press an button and the holographics tell him all informations.The computer:Archive...Loading...Here MKF dal please respond!!!no!!!*boom**fire in the hole!!!*boommmm*!the another allien:surrender or i will destroy your ship!NO!!!Please cmdr. focus the torpedoes on his engines!*!BOOM!*. ...UPLOADING THE FILES... More 6 battlecruisers come!Now evasion wt?450 soldiers teleported on board noo!We need to land on earth.....END TRANSSMISION....And a dead alien corpse came to light.Wt?an alien is dead?2 meters?what species is it?Cpt of ship:hes a Askkaraan so you are human species.Walter:you are alien so...I know your human because humans had 1,70-1,90 m walter:well i have 1,78m and 63 kilos UR Name?Shift:My name is shift from Askkaraan Republic,we have 2,00-2,20 m.Who attacked you?Shift:the Kalin Empire attack and destroy each ship of our republic we had war with them...Why you landed to our planet?Because our ship is very damaged we need help.How many surviviors?Shift:46 surviviors in forest.okay you will go at my home and u will sleep there.Next day...We need your inteligence to repair the motor's ship.Walter:okay.Walter's mom:With who you talking?I repeat at history. Okay .Walter and shift goes at the broken ship.The engines need nuclear fusion based on warheads,We need them.We don't have but we improve the our acid.Acid?.Yes.Okay.And the Kalins hear the enemy on the VV(virtualvision)Kalin commander:command to the destroyers fighters and battlecruisers,battleship.To go at system earth here is the Mkf dal'.And the 100 ships goes in hyperspace(warp)Walter:Can you tell me what is this tech because it's have an warp and an high speed it's can travel in galaxy very long 5690879553 maximum speed!Shift:Yes this is an slipwarp-V1,79 Kw/5479 Improvized combined with InterDimensionalHyperWarp V10,89 100% Kwd/3000 and it's use nuclear energy fusioned batteryes so with it's take 3 hours to repair.Kalin commander:We have 3 hours to target,so prepare your weapons.Walter bishop:I finished it.Shift:our sensors detect 100 ships caming out of the hyperspace!!!!The kalins the sensor detect 40 battlecruisers 10 destroyers 10 battleships 40 fighters!We re lost.We need to repair the command voice to tell the askkaraan fleet to kill those ships.IT will take 45 minutes.Kalin commander:The askaaran battle cruiser have 540 meters it's will easy to find.Release 5600 Drones.Computer:Drones released.And teleport 12000 soldiers to surface.Computer:Soldiers teleported .For all fighters and 5 destroyers :Go in each part of planet and destroy everything and make riot .On planet...Human Soldiers:Damn!!!120 soldiers in east!General mAx:Don't be furious 345 aliens and 3 ships thing from west!!!Watch out soldiers!!!*BOOOOMMM!!!*General max:What WAS THAT?!WT*?AN 890-1000 meters ship is from 2 kilometers!!!!Hes firing. Ran RETREAT! RETREAT!!!Walter bishop:Wow this empire is deadly more than 4570 victims 460 hurts and 120 attacks all over the world!!!Looking at sky and an destroyed drone fall over the ship.Shift:Oh no!An drone is falling!!!What size have drones?It's has 4 meters it can hurt the ship!NOOO!*BOOOOMMMM!!!!*Ahh!What a bomb!Shift you are right?Yes...And the telephone calling.Diana bishop:my baby you are don't hurt okay?Walter:Yes why?Because 44 soldiers are in the city!!!NO!*BOOM*Walter:mom?mom?!F* i will destroy those aliens!And he goes at his home.Shift:Don't GO!!!YOU will be killed!!!He is at house and see riot like a war.Walter:mom?!.Yes?.You are fine.Huh*.Because those aliens helped me.cmdr Alk:Hy human being i helped you now.Walter:go at forest in ship!Cmdr Alk:okay.And the 44 aliens goes at forest to ship.President of army:Wow 500 attacks in 43 minutes all over the world...1267800 victims 56900 hurts and counting...And 129 nuked cityes by an unknown weapon.So We need an airstrike in east of massachutes 40 airships target the huge ship.General connor:okay.Airships to attack!!!Kalin Commander:So the humans don't want to be killed,bomb and infect the oceans and nuke USA.Walter:So the trans galactic power drive to voice now you can comunicate with others.Shift:okay.I will call 120 Heavycruisers.Hello?Askaaran trooper:Who are you?I'm Commander Shift and i want to talk with General Thor.Askaaran trooper:okay.General Thor:What you want?I want to come 120 heavycruisers in system earth because it's an kalin invasion 100 ships with battleships and destroyers.General Thor:O_0 Okay it will come in 10 minutes.Walter:Yes1!!Airships:we strike the ship in 1...2...3..4...5...FIREEE!!!!*!!!BOOM!!!* *BOOM* BOOM* *!!!BOOM*...This rocket can stop it i hope.What the... no it's can't stop it *BOOMM!!!* 5 airships destroyed!!!RETREAT!.AND AIRSHIPS RETREAT.President of army:What?it's can't stoped it yet?well...Destroy it with 100 Heavy warheads .Cmdr alk:50 kalin heavy troopers from east!prepare tactics!It's possibile to locate us let's destroy this aliens
Kalin officer:120 Ships came out from hyperspace!What size?1500 meters.AHHH!THE REPUBLIC SHIPS NOOO!General Thor:down your shields or retreat we will destroy you
Cmdr alk:Let's kill of this aliens *boom* *boom* ...Warheads to impact in 1...2...3...*BOOM*No effect but 45 nukes destroy the ship*BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM**!!!The ship it's destroyed yes!!!The republic destroyed all ships just the metals remains are on orbit General Thor:Shift it's time to go with us.Shift:okay,but i need to talk with my helper Very Happy.Walter:Okay i helped you but give me an fragment of the engine and the metal remains because i want to study.Cmdr alk:okay we will give What a Face.okay.Shift good bye.Tommorow so you will go to your planet...Yes okay.
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