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Technical Problems with Startrek ship sizes

on Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:43 pm
So i was reading up on it and i saw that the Defiant
and Birds of Prey have some sizing issues, so i thought, why not clear
it up.

Sizing Issues with the BoP
-They show up in multiple difforent sizes

Answer in my opinion: They are multiple difforent classes

Sizing Issues with the Defient
-2 Rows of windows in the ventral section around shuttle bay

Answer in my Opinion: They arent windows they are some sort of vent or impulse engine exsaust

-Shows up sometimes large enough to carry a denubi in the shuttlebay,
but other times so small the front nose is as big as the denubi.

Answer in my opinon: 2 Words, Distance from camra = size

Sizing Issues with Voyager Shuttlecraft

So we have all seen the shuttles come out of voyager the size of the
shuttlebay doors, they look like they would take up the entire aft
section, and they have like 4 Shuttles and Nelix's ship, now, answer me
this? How the hell do they fit all those shuttles in voyager, they all
appear to be 1/2 the size of the ship.

And Nelix's ship and the Delta Flier both regester bigger than the shuttle bay, so whats going on here?

Answer in my Opinon: I think that it was a technical error that the
producers diddnt think of, however in startrek they probibly said space
distorted the images or something.


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Re: Technical Problems with Startrek ship sizes

on Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:53 pm
The Sizing Issues, for the Defiant is an FX Error, not camera distance

The Agreed on Fannom Size for the Defiant Class is, 120 meters, and Five Decks.

The Bird of Prey, is simply the Producers Be Lazy Sons of Bitches, and not making new ships, so they invent a BoP the Size of an Galaxy-Class.

Then you have your BS, answer of "many Classes", which is kinda true...but meh

So basically everything is not an In-Universe explanation, it's simply the Guys who made the show are Stupid SoB's.
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