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A Cool New Project

on Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:59 am
Ok so i have been working on this forum for a while now, in secret, NO ONE knows about it, here is the geniral idea of it.

Its 2251, the Earth is a Multi Planet Race, Contact with 2 other species has been achieved, the Earth is moving into a new state, however a top secret government project is underway, Project Pegusis is to take 100 people, not educate them and have them be in cryogenic sleep for the first 15 years of their lives, then transport them to the planet Maslon, its an Uninhabited Forest Planet, much like earth used to be, the goal is to create a new earth, with new Humans, to view how we evolved as a people, they would drop the people in 4 groups, each containing 25 people, each on difforent continents. How will it turn out, who will survive, will anyone survive.

So thats the story, the planet is called Maslon, its mostly a forest planet, i has 1 desert, and its north and south poles are not nearly as cold as earth is, just a small chain of islands in each pole, their are 6 continents and 3 oceans,


Potewa Ocean
Inogera Ocean
Qwerty Ocean

Now, i need a world map, if anyone is interested, i would prefer someone with great skills in creating it, whoever shall accept has creative freedoms, though i would like you to stay relitivly close to my guildlines, feel free to add islands and what not, lakes and all that, and rivers.

Anywho im not giving away the link untill its finished, wich will be soon.

Im giving the link to a specific few people, that list is listed in this link.

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