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fallout new vegas

on Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:37 pm
I bought this after completing fallout 3 a few days ago heres my review of the game Very Happy

**WARNING: may contain spoilers**

following the tradition of fallout 3, the game has a slow start, the main campaign doesnt really kick off untill about an hour or two into playing after liberating a city south of good springs, where you staret, from convict control. The game is gameplay wise, nearly identical to fallout 3, the controls, the fighting experience and the social experience, but many things have been re-engineared to make this game a great rpg:

The world map, is bigger and has alot more init, so unlike in fallout 3, you wont be walking more than 5 minutes without stumbling into a colony, or base of sorts. The enemies, many new faces and old ones alike, the fallout team, have made efforts to bring supermutants to vegas, mercinaries, slavers and much more. reapearing faces such as the brotherhood of steal, and mentions of the enclave really bring out the fallout universe.

A few problems, are liek with any new game of this size, it is very glitchy, there are many bugs, such as save corruptions and this can be rather annoying, i recocmed saving regulaly and two separate save slots. The game itself is more action packed, beetter graphics and alot more fun, with ultimatly unlimited thigs to do, definatly worth the prics

just a note to people if you buy it from eb, price match it to big w *(aussies only) its 32 dollers cheaperm Very Happy
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