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on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:22 pm
Hey all,

So I've noticed that a lot of questions are getting asked over and over again, and the staff is getting a bit worked up with it. So, as a result, I'm going to start an FAQ here.

I will be starting one in every BM section/game. Modz and Adminz please add to this as you see fit. Just edit this pot.

Members please read this FAQ on bm2 before posting a bm2 question. If we find that your question is ansered in this FAQ, you might receive a warning.

If you have a question, please ask it.



To Activate Cheats press F8 -Evil Person

After you press F8, type in the cheat code, and then press the square. The Cheat Codes are in the cheat code topic. Basics include "maxlat" and "maxdur". See the topic for the full list. --Mr.Borg

Some cheats require you to warp out of the system, and then back, like urmine. --Mr.Borg


If you build a wormhole generator, you won't be able to select it's destination in bm2. This is unfixable.

We know that some times your stations dont build, its called the build
bug, it cant be fixed, so dont ask -Evil Person

We know that sometimes your ship explodes if you type in the wrong code in the ship selector -Evil

Sometimes when you buy something, the icons flash and stuff. This is called the Vegas Bug, it is unfixable, like the build bug. -Mr.Borg

Most Bugs known are unfixible by you, so don't bother trying. The larger the empire, the less likely you get the bug. -Mr.Borg


To see a fleet of borg cubes, build three (or more) habitat in Vex, and wait till they complete ertconstruction. After, go back to Vex, and destroy the three stations. -Mr.Borg



You cannot get to Sonata, or Itrillium just by warping there, in an unmodified game. To get there, go to the game editor in the main menu, and then change the planet coordinates of Sonata and Itrillium to somewhere near Earth's coordinates (or any other planet). -Mr.Borg

There is no interdimensional warp drive, and you certainly cannot go into transwarp by obtaining a transwarp conduit from a borg cube (you can't). -Mr.Borg

We are the Borg. You will be added to our endless heaven. Resistance is not required. HAVE FUN!!

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~Mirror Borg

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